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Comments Off on TalkTalk hack: Two men plead guilty to TalkTalk hack

TalkTalk hack: Two men plead guilty to TalkTalk hack

Posted by Admin | April 28, 2017 | IT Security

Tamworth pair admit to offences under the Computer Misuse act

Two men have admitted their part in a hacking attempt on TalkTalk’s website.

Matthew Hanley, 22, and Connor Allsopp, 20, pleaded guilty to charges relating to the massive data breach in October 2015.

The pair admitted their part in a plot to steal the personal details of thousands of customers, the Old Bailey heard. The pair from Tamworth, Staffordshire, will be sentenced in May.

The court heard how Hanley hacked into TalkTalk’s website and obtained a spreadsheet containing TalkTalk customers’ details.

Hanley also pleaded guilty yesterday to three offences under the Computer Misuse Act, including the hacking of the TalkTalk website, obtaining files that would enable the hacking of websites and supplying files to enable the hacking of websites to others.

Allsopp pleaded guilty on 30 March to assisting fraud and sharing a file that could help other hackers.  

The Metropolitan Police identified Hanley as a suspect in their investigations and was arrested last October. Officers seized computers and devices from his address but found they had been wiped or the data encrypted so they couldn’t access it.

Police then looked at Hanley’s social media accounts and found conversations where Hanley had been discussing his involvement and actions in hacking into TalkTalk’s website and discussing how he had deleted incriminating data from his computers and encrypted his devices to cover his tracks.

The online conversations also revealed that having stolen data from the telco, Hanley then got Allsopp to try and sell the personal data of customers so that the pair could profit from it.

Police arrested Allsopp this month and showed him these chat logs. Allsopp admitted that he had unsuccessfully tried to sell customer data that Hanley had stolen, as well as sell details of the vulnerabilities on TalkTalk’s website that would enable others to hack into it.

Detective chief inspector Andy Gould, from the Met’s Falcon Cyber Crime Unit, said that no matter how hard criminals try to conceal their activity, “they will leave some kind of trail behind”.

“This investigation has been painstaking and the work our detectives have done to trace and identify those involved has combined cutting-edge digital forensic techniques, with old-fashioned detective work that has led to the conviction of several of those involved and the investigation continues,” he added.

The pair are due to be sentenced on 31 May at the Old Bailey.

Source: itpro

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