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Comments Off on Rackspace Announces German Data Centre

Rackspace Announces German Data Centre

Posted by Admin | November 25, 2016 | Telecoms

The facility will allow customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to adhere to strict data protection laws

Rackspace is opening a new data centre in Frankfurt, offering customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the local hosting they require for their data in order to abide by local laws.

The three countries, known as the DACH region, has strict data protection regulations that specify any cloud-service must be locally hosted. The new data centre, which is set to become fully operational in 2017, will mean customers in the region can benefit from Rackspace’s managed cloud services, whether they require a managed private cloud with hosting or managed cloud services to help them navigate the complicated market.

“I am excited to be able to bring this new Rackspace data centre online to serve our fast-expanding German customer base,” said Alex Fuerst, who joined Rackspace in September 2016 as its leader of operations in the DACH.

“We’re experiencing strong demand from DACH-centric customers, as well as US and EMEA-based multinationals who are looking for managed private clouds and hosting environments, along with managed cloud services and expertise for AWS and Azure in continental Europe'” he added. 

Fuerst will work with a local team appointed for their knowledge of the market. Those taking on new roles at the datacentre have certifications in both AWS and Azure technologies, ensuring customers have a high level of expertise at their fingertips.

“This data centre will strengthen our multi-cloud capabilities on the European continent and pave the way for us to achieve our goal of becoming the leading managed cloud provider in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, which is already our third largest international market,”  Fuerst added.

Rackspace operates datacentres in 12 locations around the globe, including London, Hong Kong, Sydney, Dallas, Chicago and Ashburn.

“With the opening of our data centre in Germany, we can provide the highest level of availability, security, performance and management, and also help our customers address data protection requirements by providing them with multi-cloud deployment options,” Fuerst said.

“As the demand for managed services increases in the German-speaking region, companies of all sizes in all verticals are embracing multi-cloud approaches to IT, so that each of their workloads runs on the platform where it can achieve the best performance and cost efficiency.”

Source: cloudpro

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