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  • Name: Robert Anderton
  • Job title: Shareholder/Senior Recruiter
  • Area of expertise: ERP and Audit & Control

After selling computers at Tiny for a few years, Robert changed his career to IT recruitment in 1997. Since then he has worked for DCL.  He is currently DCL’s Operation’s Director but also finds time to head up the company’s two smaller practices, ERP and Audit & Control. 

Like most of his colleagues, Robert has been with DCL for quite some time and he sees this as a real strength, “We’re a very solid team, we’ve all worked together for some time and we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Similarly our clients know us really well also.  We’re honest with them; if we can’t do something we’ll tell them that, but in the main we’ll just get on with our job and deliver what they want when they want it.”  Robert also points out the excellence of the DCL database, “we have over 160,000 candidates on our database, it’s purely focussed on our areas of expertise and most importantly we keep up it up to date.  We can therefore be really proactive and get to the very best people quickly.”