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Audit and Control

The area of audit and control encapsulates all the systematic measures employed by an organisation to ensure that its business is being conducted in an orderly and efficient manner.  This includes all the reviews, methods, procedures, checks and balances required to: safeguard its assets; detect errors and fraud; ensure accuracy and completeness of data; produce accurate management information; and ensure adherence to policies and plans.

Due partly to ever stricter compliance mandates and increasing threats to security, this is an area of continuing growth not only for larger companies but also and more especially for the ‘Big Four’ accountancy practices and their competitors.  DCL has been helping such companies achieve their hiring objectives for a number of years, specialising in the recruitment to director level of the following types of Audit and Control professionals:

•       IT Auditors

•       Risk and Compliance Analysts

•       IT Risk Consultants

•       CRC Consultants

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