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Please find the results for our May Poll below:

Poll results may 2015

The results from the January Poll: ‘How likely is it that you will have a new boss before Christmas?’

poll results feb 15 2

The results from the December Poll: ‘From experience, do you think people tend to not work as work in December than any other month?’

The results from the November Poll: ‘Considering how you are feeling now, do you think you will be in a new job by this time next year?’

The results from the October Poll: ‘What has been your experience when you or someone you know has sent their CV direct to a company via their website careers portal?’

The Results from the September Poll: ‘What do you think of annual staff appraisals?’

The Results from the August Poll: ‘What Percentage of the email’s you receive, do you respond to?’

The Results from the July Poll: ‘If you were approached about an exciting job opportunity but as part of the recruitment process asked to do a short 2 minute video presenting yourself, would you be prepared to do this?’

The Results from the June Poll: ‘How far do you think England will get in the World Cup?’

The Results from the May Poll: ‘How many interviews should you attend before being offered a job paying between £50,000 to £100,000?’

The Results from the April Poll: ‘How did you hear about your last/current job?’

The Results from the March Poll: ‘What are your thoughts on LinkedIn now?’

The Results from the February Poll: ‘As a candidate attending a first stage interview with a prospective employer, who would you wish that first interview to be with?’

The Results from the January Poll: ‘How likely are you to change your job this year?’