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                                                              Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

Have you come across candidates that interview well, but leave you concerned as to how they will behave in your work place?

Candidates that are great on paper, but may not match the culture of your organisation?

DCL Search & Selection are delighted to offer Thomas International PPA profiling as a valuable service that works well with any recruitment process.

In just 8 minutes the PPA provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work, giving you a greater level of certainty when recruiting.

The PPA allows us to conduct a full insight into your candidates – what motivates them, their core strengths & limitations and their potential.

We provide report packages that enable you to match talented candidates to roles and help you to manage, coach, develop and train your people once they’ve joined the business.

What are the benefits of knowing a candidate’s behavioural profile?

  • Identifying not just who is a great fit for the role, but also a fit for your organisation and the dynamics of the team you are looking to place them into
  • Profiling is able to detect frustrations or problems that the candidate may have in their current role, so this can be prevented in their new position
  • Specialised Interviewer’s Guides will empower you to investigate whether they really have the skillset required, or are just a practiced interviewer

How accurate and useful are the reports for my business?

  • Thomas International have 35 years’ experience at the forefront of the psychometrics industry
  • The PPA is registered with the British Psychological Society to ensure it meets all required standards for validity and reliability
  • Here at DCL Search & Selection we have a Thomas International qualified consultant, Hannah Lawrence, who can guide you through the PPA process and help you select the assessments that suit your individual business needs.
  • The PPA can be completed on existing employees for managing performance, so you can get a better understanding of your staff’s needs.

Our service is confidential and we aim to get your reports back to you within 48 hours, saving you time and money on your recruitment.  If you have more than one candidate applying for the same position our experienced consultant can give you personal feedback to you, comparing the two or more candidates for a particular job. 


Below are the Packages we offer, click the titles to see samples of each.

Feel free to email Hannah here or call 0208 663 4030.

Price List

Packages Clients  



PPA Standard Package

PPA Profile, Graphs & Scores, Candidate Feedback and Interviewer’s Guide





PPA Executive Package

PPA Standard Package + Executive Summary, How to Manage, Career Guide and General Questionnaire





PPA Senior Leadership Package

PPA Standard Package + Executive Summary, Leadership Skills, Training Needs and Management Interview Questionnaire





PPA Management Package

PPA Standard Package + Executive Summary, Management Audit, How to Manage and  Management Interview Questionnaire





PPA Sales Package

PPA Standard Package + Sales Interview Questionnaire, Sales Audit and Call Centre Audit





PPA Internal Review Package

PPA Standard Package + Strengths and Limitations, Personal Review, Training Needs, Leadership Skills or Management Audit





PPA Ultimate Package

All of the above