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NTT Security combined entity launches

Posted by Admin | August 1, 2016 | IT Security

NTT Com Security has been folded into a combined security company within NTT, as part of a group reorganisation which went live today.

The Japanese telco vendor’s new security company combines NTT Com Security, Dimension Data, NTT Communications, NTT Data, managed security company Solutionary and managed security platform Earthwave.

Dimension Data, NTT Communications and NTT Data will be the faces of the new brand, managing all customer engagement.

The reorganisation was announced in June, and went live today with a total of 1,400 employees.

Gavin Bradbury, senior vice president of global marketing at NTT Com, told CRN in June that the move provided something customers had been asking for: a single point of contact for all their NTT/IT needs.

“We do get marked down for being separate security entities so [the creation of NTT Security] looks to seamlessly move both our customers and go-to-market sales capabilities to those operating companies,” he said at the time.

NTT Security has a global HQ in Tokyo, with regional headquarters in the US, Europe and APAC.

It says it currently has a direct presence in 14 countries, with a view to further expanding its footprint.

The firm is the only shareholder in the combined entity, after a compulsory buyout of NTT Com Security shareholders in June.

The combined company will produce wholesale managed security services and security professional services.

Source: channelweb

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