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Duncan Wilkinson, Founder & Director, Switch2IP

What was your first sales job?

Pitney Bowes Mailing Salesman N and NW postcodes. Best sales training for a  high pressure sales environment. Missed target and the improvement process kicked in.

What technological advancements make your job easier now than it did when you first started?

Mobile communications.

What makes your company better than your competitors?

Switch2IP trading as whatphonesystem.com is a new company completely focussed on 1. our people 2. our customers 3. our product.

What will be the biggest challenges you will face in your job over the next 6 months?

Launching the new portal and ensuring it meets everyone’s expectations.

What are the biggest recruitment issues you are facing in your sector?

Finding the specific IT and sales skills relevant and affordable.

Which part of a CV do you like to look at first?

Always look at current role, time in it and details of specific successes within it.

What is the strangest question a candidate has asked you in an interview?

Strangest experience was whilst supporting the sales director at (no names mentioned), he looked the candidate in the eye, tore-up his CV and said ‘so how do you think you’re getting on?’

Oh and … is it ok to leave my caravan in the car park?

Top 3 excuses you have heard from sales people who fail to deliver?

Targets too high, our prices are out of sync with the market and our products are dated.

Are people leaving education equipped to succeed within this industry?

Success is driven by desire. If you want it badly enough you will equip yourself with the knowledge.

How is the skill shortage affecting your industry?

We need to be prepared to invest in training & coach our people better.


What are you doing differently to ensure you attract the best talent?

We look to provide a stimulating culture that recognises and rewards success and commitment to the business including options.

Why do you think people like to work for you?

Supportive, honest and fun.

What do you think your customers say about you?

We care.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

I love my business and our staff depend on its success.


How do you switch off from work?

Family and friends, food and wine, sport and art.

What was the last book you read?

A Spy By Nature … Charles Cumming.

What is your proudest achievement outside of work?

Raising my kids to be happy, successful and likeable human beings.

What technology could you not live without?

The internet.

If you were prime minister for a day what law would you pass?

I would like to see more put into apprenticeship schemes and vocational training.

Which 5 people would you invite to your “ultimate dinner party”?

1. Chuck Yegar

2. Woody Allen

3. Donald Fagen

4. Uma Thurman

5. John McEnroe

Who would you like to star in the film version of your life?

Jason Statham.

What talent do you posses that no one else knew until now?

I can play the Bugle.