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Comments Off on Huawei, Canonical Push Data Centre Network Efficiency With Cloud Partnership

Huawei, Canonical Push Data Centre Network Efficiency With Cloud Partnership

Posted by Admin | March 24, 2017 | Telecoms

Huawei and Canonical extend cloud partnership for its network solution offering for enterprises & telecom users.

Huawei and Canonical will be expanding their enterprise and telecom clouds cooperation, following the completion of their CloudFabric Cloud Data Centre Network Solution and Canonical’s Ubuntu OpenStack integration.

The solution will integrate the Agile Controller, Huawei’s SDN controller with Ubuntu OpenStack in order to improve the efficiency of deploying and maintaining multiple data centre networks.

The companies said that a wide number of controller nodes can be deployed in minutes, and enterprises or telecom cloud platforms which are currently using or plan to use the OpenStack platform can connect the platform with the Agile controller directly  to boost quick service deployment and integration across multiple data centres.

The partnership between Huawei and Canonical also includes the integration of Huawei Agile Controller with Juju, Canonical’s service modelling tool. This is designed to quickly deploy complex workloads, including OpenStack with a selection of SDN controllers.

Both Huawei’s Agile Controller and the Ubuntu OpenStack with Juju tooling enables the rapid scaling and operation of complex application services while minimising the need for manual intervention, according to the companies.

Already, Canonical’s OpenStack Interoperability Lab in Boston is said to build over 3,000 OpenStack clouds every month to test and verify the abilities of different hardware, SDN and software combinations. This enables customers to integrate and deploy their cloud platforms and SDN solutions in a secure environment.

Huang He, GM, Huawei SDN Controller Domain said: “Openness is a key factor of a data centre network solution… The successful integration with Canonical reflects the deepened cooperation with cloud platform providers.

“The joint solution achieved not only automated network device configuration and service orchestration, but also the quick installation and deployment of the controller system itself. This further improves the data centre operation efficiency.”

Canonical’s cooperation with Huawei takes it another step toward an all-cloud network management ecosystem, in which Huawei is continuing its efforts to promote commercial SDN deployments for a winning SDN ecosystem.

In essence, the alliance between the two companies is designed to improve network management efficiency and is also equally significant to the development of the ecosystem for the benefit of enterprise and telecom users.

Source: cbronline

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