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Comments Off on Exclusive: Samsung’s Conor Pierce & Graham Long, Beyond The Launch

Exclusive: Samsung’s Conor Pierce & Graham Long, Beyond The Launch

Posted by Admin | February 21, 2017 | Unified Commuication

Samsung’s VP of IT and mobile Conor Pierce and VP of enterprise business Graham Long discuss securing customer engagement beyond the point of purchase, a new ‘scientific’ approach to partner relations and ‘bridging the gap’ with b2b devices

After rationalising Samsung’s range of products and distributors, the UK portfolio in both the consumer and b2b space is much reduced from previous years. Discussing the reasoning behind this, Pierce told Mobile: ‘I think the breadth of our portfolio is an asset, but in the past it has potentially been a disadvantage. We used to have such a massive range that it was difficult to position it in a compelling way in the channel. That’s why we made the decision to reduce our focus on low end. I think that has really helped us to focus all of our investments and our portfolio into where we see consumer demand.’

According to Pierce, this demand lies in the top end of the market: ‘We’ve seen massive growth in the premium segment –  if we say the UK market is 18-20 million units a year, we see about two-thirds of the market where value is premium. There are two juggernauts in this space and the key is to really listen to consumer demand.’

The value isn’t just volume increase either. At O2 In February 2016, an S6 on contract was 60.10% of the launch price. This February, an S7 sells for 80.71%. So is premium device devaluation slowing? Pierce commented: ‘In the past we’ve been more focused than we should be on the sell-in, so driving volume into the market, which by default brings about challenges post-launch. What we’ve done now is be more careful, be really scientific about channel stock, sell through plan, activation plans and the value this brings to our partners and the end user.’

It’s a trend that pervades both consumer and B2B, with both Pierce and Long agreeing that the differences between the two markets are decreasing.

Last year, while several players exited the enterprise handset market, Long and Samsung bucked the trend by predicting that the Galaxy S7 would ‘bridge the gap’ between consumer and business handsets, as well as between Samsung’s focus on the consumer space when it comes to mobile devices. Looking back at how well its flagship achieved this, Long told Mobile: ‘We positioned the S7 as the device that was ‘Rethinking what a phone could do’ and I believe in the b2b sector it has absolutely done this. It includes business apps built for the Cloud to help customers stay in sync with what matters to them and their business; while also having expandable storage and improved battery endurance.’

Explaining why others may have failed to maintain a presence in the enterprise space, the Samsung enterprise VP said: ‘The divide between business mobile devices and consumer mobile devices is growing ever smaller. The challenge for any brand is to adapt to a rapidly evolving market.’ He continued: ‘You could also look at this from a historical perspective. As little as 10 years ago, technology at work far exceeded the tech people had at home. Now, that situation is reversed, and personal technology including mobiles is often far more advanced than the tech you expect to use at the office. People expect the same seamless technology they use personally to permeate their work life, and we at Samsung are in a great place to deliver that.’

Source: mobiletoday

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