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Comments Off on Enterprises No Longer Fear Cloud Security Weaknesses – AWS

Enterprises No Longer Fear Cloud Security Weaknesses – AWS

Posted by Admin | November 9, 2016 | Telecoms

AWS claims large firms in highly regulated sectors such as financial services now trust the security used to protect cloud

Security is no longer a barrier for large enterprises looking to move to the public cloud, according to Amazon Web Services (AWS) chief information security officer Stephen Schmidt.

Speaking at the AWS Enterprise Summit in London, Schmidt claimed that larger firms, particularly in heavily regulated sectors, are becoming more comfortable moving workloads to the public cloud because they can use the same security products as they use on-premise.

“Many of our customers have told us that their security implementation in their on-premise environment is critical, not only from a security perspective, but also because they’re a regulated industry and their regulatory environment requires them to be able to adhere to a set of rules around how they protect customer information, how they can report on it [and so on],” he said.

“The fact that you can use the same security software and hardware that you use on-premise, in AWS, is tremendously powerful for people.
“For example, if you’re using Trend Micro as deep security on-premise, you can also use it in the cloud; if you’re using Splunk for log analytics on-premise, you can use it in the cloud in the same way – and that extends all the way down the various layers.”

Chris Bunch, head of Europe at AWS partner Cloudreach, told CRN that the perception of cloud security for large enterprises has changed over the past few years.

Founded in 2009, Cloudreach is an AWS, Microsoft Azure and Salesforce partner that typically works with $1bn-plus enterprises. Bunch explained that organisations of this size are beginning to consider cloud a viable option as they see the success that smaller and more nimble firms are having.

He explained that, where five years ago his discussions with clients would have focused on security and cost-saving aspects, large enterprises now see it as a way to innovate.

“Concerns around security have died away a little bit,” he said. “When I first joined Cloudreach, I went to every customer meeting prepared to talk about the Patriot Act, data sovereignty, and whether the NSA were going to kick in Amazon’s doors and steal your data – that doesn’t happen anymore.

“We passionately believe that cloud – it’s not something we feel we have to defend the security – we are proactively saying it is more secure than you can do yourself.

“This is being operated and designed by the very finest minds in security.”

Bunch added that another benefit of using public cloud over other hosting providers is that individual firms are not in a position to compete with the likes of AWS when it comes to accreditations from regulatory bodies.

“There is a bit of a certification and accreditation race from both Amazon and Microsoft,” he added.

“If you go on [AWS and Microsoft’s websites] you’ll see this ridiculous list of third-party badges where independent auditors have come in and said ‘yes’, ‘yes’, ‘yes’.

“As an individual organisation you could probably get one of those badges – we have one – but you’d have to dedicate 100 people full-time to maintain those accreditations and you can’t do that unless you have the scale that these guys have.”

Source: channelweb

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