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Why a DCL Recruiter can help improve your business!

A highly-competitive employment market is forcing employers to consider new and creative ways to find qualified candidates. Employers realize that candidates have more choices and that old recruiting methods, such as placing adverts, are no longer effective.

Also, the candidate that you are looking for is probably not looking for you. The candidate that you want is most likely happily employed and not actively looking for a new position such as yours.

That is where DCL come in. We seek out the candidates who are qualified for your job opening and make them aware of your opportunity. We save you the time and legwork, freeing up your time to do what you do best, which is probably running your business while you leave the search and recruiting process to the professionals.

Why should you use a recruiter?

Your company should use a recruiter because the best people aren’t looking for a job — they are already working. These are the proven performers who are in the top five or ten percent of their profession. They don’t typically read the adverts, they don’t keep their CV’s circulating, and they don’t contact recruitment agencies. If you want to hire these people you have to find them, because they aren’t searching for you. Identifying and approaching these hidden prospects is not an easy task, but that’s what trained recruiters do every day. Also, a trained recruiter can help you avoid mistakes in the hiring process by providing an objective analysis of a candidate and can save you time by screening candidates against your requirements. Finally, a recruiter can preserve your anonymity when it is critical to do so.

When does it make sense to use a recruiter?

Using a recruiter is crucial when the position you need to fill is important to your company. A recruiter specializes in finding serious career-minded people, the kind of achievers who aren’t interested in limited or dead-end positions. If the position is relatively unimportant to your company’s future, don’t use a recruiter!

Is it important for recruiters to have experience in your industry?

It is important that recruiters have experience in your industry because they will improve your chance of getting good people with the specific experience you need. They understand the candidates’ language, they’ll understand their accomplishments, they’ll see through their exaggerations, and they will make a better impression on your behalf. Experience within a particular industry also allows recruiters to save time. They more readily understand your job description and what is important to your situation. They will also have a better knowledge of where to start looking or where not to look for qualified candidates.

How important is an ongoing relationship with a recruiter?

An ongoing relationship with your recruiter is just as important as having a good relationship with your banker manager of financial adviser. Good recruiters are particularly valuable if you have frequent hiring needs. If the recruiter is already familiar with your company, they should be able to respond much more quickly to your needs. Good recruiters keep up with industry trends, employee benefits, compensation and personnel planning. Recruiters are more likely to give their best clients the best service, even on smaller assignments.

How can you judge a recruiter’s performance?

There are certain indicators that will help you determine whether the recruiter is doing a good job. First, look at who’s actually working on the assignment. Are they professional in their day-to-day contact with you? Second, look at the candidates who have been presented to you. Do they meet your criteria for experience and skills? Are they prepared for the interview?

Why should you consider using me as your consultant for the Data centre and Cloud market?

I have an honest approach where I take the time to listen, to ensure I have a clear understanding, to know exactly what my client’s requirements are and how it is impacting the needs of the client. I follow through to sourcing and placing suitable candidates. I also look to help find new opportunities for those who are looking for a step closure to their ideal career destination.

We have over 160,000 candidates on our database, purely focused on our areas of expertise and most importantly we keep it up to date. We can therefore be very proactive and get to the very best people quickly.

If you are an individual who would like to set up a discreet conversion or a business looking to recruit niche talent, I would be more than happy to extend my services to you.

I recruit for permanent, interim and contract roles (retained, exclusive or contingency)

Please feel free to contact me on 0208 663 4030 or alternatively e-mail me blaine.daws@dclsearch.com