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Comments Off on Commvault Launches Mobile App to Monitor Cloud Failure

Commvault Launches Mobile App to Monitor Cloud Failure

Posted by Admin | December 21, 2016 | Telecoms

Commvault unveils remote access mobile app to automatically monitor for workflow failures

Data protection firm Commvault has launched a new mobile app service that promises to bring “new innovations” in remote access, including automatic failure detection and a streamlined customer support programme.

The New Jersey-based backup and recovery service has launched the Mobile Advantage App and Automated Proactive Solution System (APSS) framework to help customers remotely access Commvault tools and services on the go.

The framework proactively monitors stored data, alerting customers to any “failure points in Commvault environments” through the mobile app, which then provides the most appropriate solutions to any potential issues.

“Our new innovations around customer access, control and automation are a testament to our unwavering commitment to push the envelope further and elevate our worldwide customer support to historic proportions,” said Eugene Trautwein, vice president of Commvault customer support.

Users will be alerted to any problems such as a failure in workflow automation or a security vulnerability, which can be addressed inside the app. Commvault hopes this will help reduce the need for manually contacting customer support services unnecessarily while reassuring users that their data is constantly being monitored for security vulnerabilities.

“While increasing threats of cyber-attacks, data breaches and ransomware continue to put enterprises on high alert, having a reliable world class customer support program in place in the event of a disaster can make all the difference,” said Laura DuBois, vice president of enterprise storage research at IDC.

“This powerful mix of technology and support gives Commvault a competitive advantage and more importantly, gives customers the peace of mind knowing their data is safe and protected,” added DuBois.

The Mobile Advantage App provides an “integrated services portal” that is unique to the cloud data storage industry, according to Commvault. The app allows users to access information on registered training courses, incident reports, and the latest news from Commvault support channels.

Unlike other alert systems that simply alert a user to a problem, the APSS framework provides custom solutions that can be deployed quickly by the customer using menus within the mobile app, according to Commvault. The framework can also be accessed through a browser, which provides a dashboard for tools such as job summaries and performance charts.

Source: cloudpro

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