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Comments Off on BroadSoft Capitalises on Avaya Chapter 11 with New Cloud Offer

BroadSoft Capitalises on Avaya Chapter 11 with New Cloud Offer

Posted by Admin | February 16, 2017 | Unified Commuication

Shameless bid for new customers skewers Avaya faithful

Weeks after unified comms firm Avaya filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, its rivals are beginning to respond with aggressive cloud migration packages.

Attempting to capitalise where Avaya was seen to be failing – i.e. with cloud services – BroadSoft yesterday unveiled a cloud PBX, unified comms, contact centre and collaboration “migration plan” specially for Avaya customers.

“For years businesses relied on expensive premise systems – not because they were the best choice, but because they were often the only choice,” said Taher Behbehani, BroadSoft’s chief digital and marketing officer.

“But today it is absolutely clear that premise is dead, and businesses choose the cloud to stay competitive. BroadSoft is the cloud UC (unified communications) global market share leader with the portfolio, scalability and trusted track record that enables businesses to move to the cloud, and fully realize the communication and collaboration benefits the cloud delivers.”

Specifically, the package includes UC-One for unified comms, CC-One for cloud contact centre and predictive analytics, and Team-One, a “powerful cloud team collaboration solution”.

While Avaya explained away the filing as a way to “mature debt” and “recapitalise” the company, the Wall Street Journal has reported that the company’s pension scheme is potentially “depleted”, which could convey a warning of further cutbacks in the privately-held company.

And if it’s all part some wider plan to realign Avaya’s outlook – possibly with a more convincing cloud bent – that doesn’t stop the likes of BroadSoft inelegantly aiming its targets at disgruntled or fearful Avaya customers.

RingCentral made a similar direct cloud boast in a blog shortly after Avaya’s late January filing, stating that “companies that were born in the cloud are disrupting legacy players”, before posting a piece of advertising declaring “The cloud has won! Avaya declares Chapter 11 bankruptcy”, while blowing its own cloud services trumpet.

“Let’s talk” the ad implored Avaya customers.

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