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Comments Off on AWS Targets Unified Comms Market with Chime App for Voice, Video and Text Chats

AWS Targets Unified Comms Market with Chime App for Voice, Video and Text Chats

Posted by Admin | February 17, 2017 | Unified Commuication

Firm unveils rival to Skype for Business

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has entered the unified communications market with the launch of Amazon Chime hosted on the AWS platform

Offering what the company calls a “secure, easy-to-use application” for online meetings, Chime is pitched to function for video conferencing, calls, chat and content sharing “both inside and outside your organisation”.

It is available for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac platforms at launch with prices starting from $2.50 per user, per month for a basic version, up to $15 per user, per month.

If Chime sounds a little like Skype, that’s because it probably is, although Amazon seems to be using the app’s “noise cancelling” technology as a major hook, alleging that its “wideband audio” helps cut out background noise.

Up to 18 users can join a meeting on desktop or laptop, while six can conference using the mobile app.

Amazon is attempting to fit the service into an increasingly crowded comms landscape by insisting there is currently no existing technology enterprise customers actually want to use.

“It’s pretty hard to find people who actually like the technology they use for meetings today. Most meeting applications or services are hard to use, deliver bad audio and video, require constant switching between multiple tools to do everything they want, and are way too expensive,” said Gene Farrell, AWS VP.

“Amazon Chime delivers frustration-free meetings, allowing users to be productive from anywhere.”

Farrell also bigged up the product’s lack of “ongoing maintenance or management fees”, adding that the platform woudl be “a great choice for companies that are looking for a solution to meetings that their employees will love to use”.

With the likes of Yammer and Skype for Business still being used under duress by most, Amazon and AWS will have their work cut out for them with Chime, which seems at this stage simply an also-ran product to most other offerings on the market.

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